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Welcome to ARCANEA – the EU/Polish Conan Exiles server! Thank you for being interested in our server and want to start the game on it!

First of all, we know that the rules are quite long and nobody likes to read them, but we ask you to take some time and read it from the beginning to the end.

Why? This will help to prevent any disappointments, and you can also find information here that can help new players who are just joining this brutal world of Conan Exiles!

Not following the rules may even lead to a ban, so it is the best to familiarise with it, as soon as possible.

Let’s get started.


ARCANEA is a Conan Exiles Polish/European PvP server offering limited time slots per week for base raiding (PvB – Player vs Base).

First of all, we have created a server with a vision where our Conan Exiles community will not be easily exposed to the loss of its belongings, but at the same time, we’ve decided to occasionally make raiding possible – that’s where we’ve introduced time-raiding slots.

In addition, gaining character levels on ARCANEA server is slightly different and more meaningful in comparison to standard rules, thanks to the introduction of 70 epic levels (from previous 60)!

We’ve also introduced more hardcore settings for the power of monsters and animals so that PvE on our server gives additional challenges.

The most important aspect, however, is LACK OF WIPE, or at least that the wipe was as long as possible delayed in time as soon as possible. We wanted players who devoted their time to play on our server to not lose their achievements, just like that.

That’s how ARCANEA was born … this is a project which is constantly evolving thanks to your precious opinions!


3.1 Base Building and Expansion


On ARCANEA server,  it is possible to have up to 2 pets per person (deployed in the world). The number of pets in the pen is unlimited.


  • Clan of 5-6 players can deploy up to 30 thralls (warriors, archers).
  • Clan of 1-4 players or solo player can deploy up to 10 thralls (warriors, archers).
  • This limitation does not apply to crafting thralls.

ATTENTION! Any violations in this matter may involve the player’s ban or even the entire clan if admin deems it appropriate. This limitation is dictated by the fact that the software created by the developers of the game very badly copes with a large number of pet/thralls set up in the world and causes excessive lag during the larger game.


The clan/player can have only one main base – the maximum dimensions are 25×25 and the height is 7 foundations/walls plus 2 additional ones for the roofing.

In addition, there can be 2 base camps (but they cannot be in the same biom) for raw materials or wheels of pain, with dimensions 10×10 and heights 3 foundations/walls plus base (e.g. you can put 2 medium wheels of pain).

This rule is to prevent overburdening the server with random structures and other unnecessary objects.

You can read the location of biomes at this link:

Example of a base camp:



Think with your head, how to plan the bases and if you have other buildings that you do not use, and can count as the next base, destroy them.


The leader of a clan before admitting a new player to a clan is obliged to warn and inform the candidate that perhaps he/she must remove his/her current base if the clan already has a base in the given biom or when candidate’s base does not meet requirements for the camp. The leader of the clan should also inform that the candidate base will cease to be a private home and will become the clan’s irrevocable property.


The clan leader or solo player has the responsibility to ensure that there are no duplicate bases on the biomes. If this rule is not observed – the admins, the first time they will announce a violation of the regulations on the discard to remedy the situation. However, if the clan/player breaches this point again, one of the duplicate bases (without excluding the main base) may be removed.


All bedding, beds, craft workshops, or individual stones (not constituting a full building) scattered throughout the wild (not in the base) can be deleted by the admin without warning! Vaults must be set on foundations just like map rooms or altars – remember that such single buildings count towards the limit of buildings per biom!


Do not place without foundations, free-standing map rooms, pain circles, or altars, because they can be deleted by the admin. If you want to put them, they must always stand on the foundations. If you put them separately (in a sense, are not part of an existing database), they count automatically, as the beginning of the database on the biom in which they stand.

Clan/solo player may have one map room.


It is not allowed to build bases in inaccessible places, i.e. those to which you can not get there in the normal way. NOTE: If the admin notices this type of construction and finds it appropriate, he can delete it without warning!

Examples of bases that violate this point of the regulations:

  • The base was built on a steep rock, there is no access from anywhere (except climbing).
  • Bases built underneath the bridge.
  • All bases, where at the time of logout, the player removes several elements of the stairs and in this way the base is impossible to get to.
  • Bases, where the player removes the lifts and logs out.



You must not build in “public” places where you can block access to important places associated with religions, transitions between maps/biomes or enter cities. Do not block teleport obelisks, books/objects with regulations, or places where it would block the rebirth of bosses!


It is forbidden to block access to important passages, raw materials (especially silver and gold) or to create situations that important for the game NPCs cannot be revived. Before you start building a base, wait about 20-30 minutes, and make sure that any important raw materials are not spawning in this area: such as iron, silver, gold or obsidian. It could be the case that someone just collected them a few minutes earlier.


Any spamming of foundations to annoy another player or to quickly occupy a site is forbidden. Admins, if they think it appropriate, can delete them without warning.


Construction of vaults underwater is forbidden.


The clan/player may have 15 fish traps and 15 shellfish traps per 1 biom (this also applies to built-up fisheries, which are actually counting as a base per biom).


WARNING! In the past, several players tried to “fight other players with server rules” e.g. by removing the opponent’s stairs and then reporting this back to the admins – this is not permitted! Bear in mind that in this situation, the person that is filing a report can get a ban.

Access to the base must be provided in such a way that it is possible to walk to the base! If the base can’t be reached “on foot”, the player must create a staircase or lift. Removing a lift to such a base can result in a ban (especially during the PvB raid).

The base of the lift must be from the same tier (level) of the building material as the door frame and the rest of the building.

4. PvP & PvB (RAID)

4.1 PvP/PvB preliminary rules

Arcanea server is a PvP server, so joining the game, be aware that you can lose your base, and your character can be attacked in the hours specified below.

PvP (attacking players) is activated all week, in the following hours:
Mon-Sun: 24h

PvB (raiding bases) is included on weekends and Wednesday, at the following times:
Wednesday: from 20:00 to 22:00 CET
Sob-Sun: from 18:00 to 22:00 CET

WARNING! If your base has been reconditioned, the player is obliged to repair it within 72 hours, otherwise, the admin can finish the work and remove it completely! Be active on the server and log in for once a day!

Any structures added by invaders after a successful rally, so as to block the possibility of reconstruction of the attacked base is not allowed! If administrators find it appropriate, they can ban such a player/clan. Give the sacrifice to rebuild!

4.2 PvB Rules


During raids on bases, it is allowed to use trebuchets, bullets, burst rings and any other available equipment for sieges offered by the game Conan Exiles. The gods are also available and their summoning time is 50 seconds (we’ve increased the number of tokens needed to create an avatar).


The defending clan / player in its base can only repair damaged elements of the building (hammer for repair), under no circumstances can complement them or add new ones! If the attacker’s clan / player provides evidence that this has just happened by sending the video, or just the online admin will notice it, it may result in warning and removal of additional + additional items as a penalty for non-compliance with this point. The second time, the admins may apply, if they consider it appropriate, a 7-day ban (even for the whole clan). If the rule is repeatedly violated, a permanent ban may be used (depending on the situation).


In order for the player to start rebuilding his base, damaged during a given PvB slot, the player MUST wait until the same PvB slot ends.


It is forbidden to build players during PvP or PvB!


It is strictly forbidden to jump on the player and killing him/her through over-encumbrance.

ATTENTION! It is strictly forbidden to destroy admin buildings! These buildings have a clan tag “ADMIN” on them. In case of violation of this rule, you risk PERMANENT BAN!

Buildings with “ADMIN” tag are usually public amenities, hence such a severe punishment. It is worth mentioning that admins do not play on the server (as players) and do not take part in any PvP/PvB battles – they are here to make the game more interesting and varied for all of you. Therefore, their buildings are used to enrich the server, not for their own benefits.

4.3 Temporary mini base for raiding

If you want to have access to a nearby place for storing war booty and explosives during PvB, there are two options for it depending on your or your clan’s situation:


If the clan / player does not have any base on the given biomet (and there are no more than 5 bases), he can start building a rally base according to his own needs. I mean, there is no limit to what is on it, because it is simply in the world, its next base. You can put trebuchetes, chests, safes, walls, and whatever you want to do in the framework of such a base. There is also no restriction on the time it is put before PvB and its decomposition after PvB (see section 4.3.2).


If, however, the clan/player already has a base on a given biom (or 1 main base + 2 camps), there is still the possibility of placing so-called “temporary mini raid-camps”. This base can consist of the following elements:

4×4 foundations for trebuchet and up to 5 chests. As for the height, it can be high up to a maximum of 20 walls. In addition, it can not contain a door (the door opening can be) and must have relatively easy access to the train. This is just an auxiliary construction, not a defensive stronghold.

ATTENTION! No safes in temporary mini raid camps! (it does not matter if they stand on the foundations or not). They will be deleted without warning because now we have a script to check the location of all clan/player bases (we will see if it is the second or next database on the biomass). Players constructing an elevator on such temporary mini camps can not under any circumstances remove it, being, for example, upstairs.


Temporary mini raid camps can be unfolded 1 hour before PvB and can be still for 1 hour after the end of PvB. It is worth to observe this time, because we will run a script for buildings after the end of PvB, which will show us the excess of buildings for biomes.


The server works with “purification” mechanics. This is because once in a while your (or clan) base can be invaded by a wave of monsters. Warning! A filled stripe with cleaning does not mean that monster attack MUST take place – this is based on chance. In this stream, the game developers explain how it works more accurately (after clicking the movie scrolls to the right moment):



We DO NOT TOLERATE using any profanity or offensive epithets to others. All racism, sexism, or homophobia are forbidden on the ARCANEA server. We are asking you not to promote directly, or indirectly any political, religious or social ideology! In this case, if the admin deems it appropriate, he can apply a 1-day ban without warning, to permanent ban.


WE DO NOT TOLERATE inappropriate people or clan names.


We play to have fun, yes, especially during the PvP battle emotions can reach the zenith, but please try to control your vocabulary and your emotions.


Please, do not use bullying, especially for low-level players. Bullying is understood as very frequent harassment of the life of the selected player / clans, which can lead to his quick discouragement of the game and leaving the server – in short, “do not be annoying.”


WARNING! Discord is our main communication tool with players on the ARCANEA server and is MANDATORY for every player!

Many people think that Discord is another tool for voice communication, such as Team Speak. Yes, it can fulfill this function, but we use it mainly for text communication with players.

Thanks to this, the player is up to date on what is happening on the server, it can also easily contact the admins. In addition, on Discord we have rooms to trade between players, department with questions to admins, here you will also find ads addressed to players violating the rules – so if you are not on Discord, you may not even know that the admin is trying to contact you!

If the player has a case for admins, he can leave his petition on the appropriate Discord channel. We sometimes need more time to deal with the matter.

How to join Discord?
Click this link:

After joining Discord, change your nickname to be the same as your character in the game.


It is forbidden to use in any form colored syntax for in-game chat. This entry is valid until further notice.


8.1 General principles


In most cases, the player / clan receives the first warning if it violates the rules. After receiving a warning, the player gets time to change behavior and REVERSE ACTION of undesired activities (e.g. getting rid of the base in areas prohibited in the regulations).


The use of game exploits, the use of automation programs or hooks threatens BAN – assuming that the administrations recognize that the premises are sufficient.
We remind you – it is a private server, therefore, the final decision lies with administrators and does not have to explain to anyone. The only thing that admins have to do is inform the player on Discord (privately or on public channel) or in the game about the award.


It threatens a permanent ban for impersonating an admin on the ARCANEA server. This applies, for example, to imitation of admin names, adding the nickname admin (or similar), etc. Currently, the Arcane server is managed by two admins: Lais and Ceridian.


Ultimately, the admin can apply penalties at his own discretion if the actions of the players (even if they are not mentioned in these rules) damage the server community and enjoyable gameplay. Admin, may also use short-term bans, eg 1-day ban, if he/she thinks that the player’s fault comes from not knowing of the Server Rules or other reasons not stipulated here.

In addition, depending on the offence committed by the player/clan, the administration, if it deems appropriate, instead of ban, may lower the level of the player or the whole clan up to 10 levels down.

8.2 How to report violations of the regulations?


If you decide that another player is seriously violating the rules, please report it to Discord (you do not have Discord – see item 7), by contacting one of the admins: Lais or Ceridian. Admins usually handle cases within 24 hours, but this may take longer if the case requires additional time.


It should be remembered that without significant evidence of violations of the regulations and in the impossibility of checking certain things by admins (eg in logs), such a report (although perhaps right) will unfortunately have to be rejected.

Therefore, it is so important to document any violations of other players you will notice – video is the best tool – nowadays most graphics card drivers have built-in recording capabilities (Nvidia, AMD), so it’s a matter of configuring this tool. Sometimes, however, a skilfully made screen shot is sufficient [F12].

Yes, many things admins can check in the logs and database, but know that there are certain events, especially those purely situational, which can only be considered, if you additionally include video clips or screenshots.


All public inquiries to admins should be directed ONLY to Discord, channel #sprawy-do-admina. Players are asked not to engage in discussions with admins on the global chat in the game – if the player does not comply, the admin may grant a 1 day ban.


Players’ buildings that violate regulations or simply those that are abandoned or / and reconditioned, we report on Discord, on #opuszczone-budynki

To sum up, all matters to admins are posted on Discord, not in the game!

8.2.5 How does the admin contact players about violations of the rules?

Admin very often tries to contact Discord through a private message. If this is not possible (because, for example, the player has not joined the Discord or is inactive in a given clan), the next way is to put a public query on Discord, on the channel # warnings-bans. The third way is to “catch” the player if it is online in the game – however, this is not the main way of admin-player communication! That’s why it is so important that every player seriously playing on the ARCANEA server use Discord!



Daily scheduled server restart: 05:00 am.


The main buildings fall apart after 8 days from the last log in of the player or the last of the active clan members.

Caution! Smaller buildings have a proportionally shorter break-up time! Check the times with a hammer for repair.


If you do not log in more than 45 days, your character may also be deleted.


Clan leaders are required to expel a clan player if he has not logged in for the last 4 weeks.


There is the possibility of a so-called holiday (once a year), for a solo player or very small clans. We extend the time of decaying buildings from 8 days to 14 days. Please report it to the admin for a private message. We reserve, however, that this is a last resort and the player should try to organize in their scope people to his clan, which will refresh his property for the time of his absence. However, if you really do not have such a possibility, apply to admins – the application does not have to be accepted!


Admins DO NOT take part in the active game on the ARCANEA server (PvP/PvB), their role is the role of arbiters and guardians of order on the server. They are also responsible for the broadly understood functioning of the server (but not for technical errors in the game). Remember that the admins are here to help you as much as possible and make the game in the world of ARCANEA server not only pleasant, but also fair.


It is recommended that any technical errors that you find during the game, be reported on the forum Funcom (creator of the game).


Respect admins because they maintain the server and website and try to provide you with a pleasant gameplay in the world of Conan Exiles. Any getting into discussions with admins in the chat game is not welcome. There is Discord (channel #sprawy-do-admina or private message) from communicating to admins!


Slandering, defamation and everything else are prohibited, which can harm the ARCANEA server.


It is forbidden to publicly advertise other servers, both on Discord or during the game.


The ARCANEA server is a place created for the EU and the Polish community. Players should communicate in Polish or English language.

WARNING! We reserve the right to change the rules if they require precision or because they do not work as intended.

In addition, any server settings are also subject to change if we feel that this is necessary. Please do not argue with the admins – remember that we really take into account the opinions of the players, but sometimes there are aspects that decide that we take other steps than the players would expect from us. Please respect it, it is like it was not a private server.


Help other players and make sure to create a nice atmosphere on our EU/Polish Conan Exiles server!

Well, since all the terribly serious rules have been mentioned, it’s time to say: HAVE A GREAT TIME ON OUR SERVER! this is the most important thing!

Summarizing, these are the so-called "living rules", which means that with time, new rules may appear or amendments to existing ones. We will inform you about any changes on Discord.

Version: 2.6
Last update: 19th May 2019