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A unique set of rules in the world of Conan Exiles!



ARCANEA server is the Polish/European Conan Exiles dedicated server – this is the amazing place to start your adventure with this game. We offer many unique rules that differentiate us from other servers!

Fierce politics between clans Use diplomacy or strength to achieve your goals.

More dangerous monsters All NPCs deal significantly more damage than on regular servers - this brings a real challenge to the gameplay!

Daily PvP events Players can attack each other everyday between 16:00-23:00.

Wednesdays & Weekends raids only policy Players get a few hours slot where they can attack the bases of other fellow players. This means, 3 days in a week there is a full blown PvP/PvB and for the rest of the 4 days you don’t have to worry that your base will be blown out of the water (or face of the earth).

New players' “heaven area” in the southern part of the map Start the adventure without a fear that your base will be destroyed by other higher level players.

Slower experience gain rates Not everything comes easy in ARCANEA world, and definitely one of the things that takes time, is levelling of your character - the trade off? - you can appreciate much more every single level that you gain as you progress!

ARCANEA world is abundant in natural resources A gathering speed is increased by 2 in comparison to vanilla settings.

EU/Polish vibrant community!

... and much more!


In order to join our Polish/European Conan Exiles server, assuming that you already bought a game – just press the button below this text and that will allow you to directly join ARCANEA server.
However, if for any reason, you still can’t connect, start a Conan Exiles game and enter our IP address into the direct connection field:

Before you start an adventure on our server, please join our chat on Discord and additionally read the rules! This is very important, because not knowing the rules is not an excuse and could lead to ban!
On Discord, we build our server community, you can also find the latest news.

First, join our Discord

and then…