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Apr 24, 2020 · The pump capacity on a concrete mixer refers to how much concrete can move through the system. The size of the pump and the way it is powered can contribute to that capacity number. For example, there are many large concrete pumps that can deliver up to 100 cubic yards of concrete in as little as an hour.

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We run Putzmeister pumps from P30 grout pumps to 47 meter boom pumps with 16 cell pump kits at 210 yards per hour and 20 cell pump kits at 265 yards per hour, and Line Pump 50 yards per hour with 2 1/2 inch hose to 100 yard per hour with 4 inch hose. READ MORE

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It has the ability to place 210 cubic yards of concrete per hour. N.S. Giles has three 38-meter, 5-section Putzmeister Z boom concrete pumps and experienced operators to make your project run seamlessly. To learn more about our concrete pump rentals in the Bangor, ME …

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The volume of concrete pumped through a line pump varies depending on the size of the line pump and the diameter of the concrete pump truck pipe, most can pump 30 cubic Meters per hour but some outputs can be as high as 150 cubic Meters per hour.

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Quality Small Line Concrete Pumping. If you need help pumping concrete to those hard-to-reach job sites in the Dallas & Fort Worth area, we are here to help. Our nimble Schwing SP 500 concrete pump is perfect for those jobs. Give us a call at (940) 302-4125 today. view our Work.

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Look at the pump manufacturer's spec sheets for the machine's output rate (usually given in cubic yards per hour) and maximum horizontal and vertical pumping distances. Some models are capable of delivering concrete at rates topping 125 cubic yards per hour and distances as far as 1,500 feet horizontally and 400 feet vertically.

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We can pump your concrete up to 106 feet from our truck horizontally, or 126 feet into the air, allowing us to put your concrete pretty much anywhere you need it. The specs on our pumps say they can pump 210 cubic yards per hour, but we have used them to pump up to 250 cubic yards per hour reducing the time it takes to get your concrete …

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2014 Putzmeister BSA 14000 HP-D. Manufacturer: Putzmeister Model: BSA14000 Outrigger: None | Pump power: Caterpillar C-18 630 hp | Cylinder size: 8 | Yards per hour: 132 | Pump hours: 1224 | Pump condition: Excellent | Pump notes: New mud cups, front and back seal housing, outlet & chr

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We run Putzmeister pumps from P30 grout pumps to 47 meter boom pumps with 16 cell pump kits at 210 yards per hour and 20 cell pump kits at 265 yards per hour, and Line Pump 50 yards per hour with 2 1/2 inch hose to 100 yard per hour with 4 inch hose. READ MORE

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S2M Construction Co., Inc. Glenwood Springs, CO. We have been in the concrete construction business for years, and believe that pumping concrete is the only way to pour many jobs; resulting in less work, less labor, and less overall costs. When it comes to pumping concrete, we highly recommend Mid Valley Concrete Pumping.

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*If your completed order exceeds 5 yards, first yard becomes $133.00 NOTE: If your time per truck exceeds 1 hour, we charge $2.00/minute overtime. Night Delivery 6PM to 6AM - Available on request** Sunday Delivery - Available on request** 3000 - 5000 PSI concrete available. Above prices are for 3000 PSI. Grout Mix Available; Flowable Fill available

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178 cu yards / hour: Max Strokes per minute: 23: Max concrete pressure: 1102 psi

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Apr 01, 2020 · THE CONCRETE PUMP. Trailer mounted concrete pumps are classified by how many cubic yards of concrete they can pump per hour. The more yards/hour a machine can pump, the bigger and more expensive

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Late cancellation (After a pump truck has left the yard,) will be subject to a $250.00 cancellation charge. Minimum 4 hour charge for concrete pump $700.00. Hourly pump rental $175.00. Usage, per …

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May 27, 2020 · Concrete Pumping Cost Concrete pumping for small residential jobs with a trailer-mounted pump and 200' hose costs $15 per cubic yard with a $125 minimum. For larger concrete pouring jobs that require a 75' to 105' boom truck ranges from $140 to $190 per hour with a typical 4- to 5-hour minimum.

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Line Pumps. 150 Yard Per Hour / 120 Cubic Meter High Pressure JFS-12H; 131 Yard Per Hour/100 Cubic Meter JM-2100HP; 120 Yard Per Hour / 90 Cubic Meter JMP-90; 83 yard per hour/ 60 cubic meter JMP-60; Trailer/Stationary Pumps. 130 Yards Per Hour JSP 2110HP-D; Placing Booms. 33 Meter R-Fold Placing Boom; 33 Meter Z-Fold Placing Boom; 36/40 Meter Z-Fold Placing Boom

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How much do concrete pumpers make a year? How Much Does a Concrete Pump Operator Earn In The United States?Concrete pump operators in the United States make an average salary of $36,195 per year or $17.4 per hour. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $25,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $51,000.

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Many of the smaller tra i l e r -mounted pumps having capacities from 20 cubic yards per hour and up can pump concrete with up to 11⁄2-inch maximum size ag-g r egate if the line size is adequate. These pumps are small enough to be towed by a pickup truck and a major a d v antage is lower cost than for truck-mounted units with booms.

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Trailer mounted pumps can move 15 cubic yards of concrete per hour, while a boom truck can run 70 to 90 cubic yards per hour. When pumping with a boom truck, add in at least 1 hour for equipment setup and 1 hour for cleanup. For large projects, or if no concrete pump trucks are available, renting an 80-ton crane to reach 100 feet costs $240 per hour, or about $20 per cubic yard, plus travel costs each way. Cranes …